5 min March 27, 2017 in

FF91 – Is this the (Faraday) Future of Smart Cars?

Do you remember how we were picturing smart cars 10 years ago? Futuristic and wild pieces of technology built from outrageous materials which could perform complex tasks on their own. 2017 came by and none of that has quite come true. Electric vehicles look very much like a regular car, but some of them perform …

5 min March 23, 2017 in

Why Battery Prices Are Powering the Electric Vehicle’s Rise in Popularity

Have you wondered why almost all car manufacturers are doing the best they can to add more than just one electric vehicle (EV) to their list? First of all, EVs put an end to the pollution we’ve subjected our planet to for over a century. But they surely don’t offer some of the benefits ICE …

5 min March 20, 2017 in

Tesla’s Electric Car, Zero Cost Mobility and the ‘Renewable’ Future

Industries like media, music and software have already seen a revolution thanks to the Internet. In certain cases, it offered us an era where information is almost free. Tesla’s electric car and their way of approaching energy could lead to a zero marginal cost mobility future. You need to admit we’re living exciting times, especially …