5 min January 29, 2018 in

4 Essential Ways Video Will Influence the Future of the Connected Car

The market reach of the connected car is expanding rapidly and research company Gartner predicts in just a couple of years from now, there will be up to 61 million automobiles equipped with data connectivity in production. As cars become more automated, the driving experience will change as well, making room for innovations and solutions meant to: significantly reduce …

4 min January 25, 2018 in

4 Significant Ways Connected Cars Can Change Our Lives at Home

In almost every article concerning smart homes, you’re likely to stumble upon connected cars, as well. Why is that? Because they are both parts of the Internet of Things dynamic. Ultimately, IoT is about facilitating everything which is related to our daily routine and integrating all day-to-day operations within a centralized system.  This system could be …