5 min November 30, 2017 in

What Do Self-Driving Trucks Mean for the Future of Transportation?

In a recent The Atlantic editorial, sub-headlines brand the trucking industry as “ripe for automation”. With 4000 fatalities (in the US only) involving eighteen-wheelers, it’s no wonder self-driving trucks are predicted to hit the roads as soon as possible, so as to partly reduce this number. Navigant Research analysts estimate that in about 5-10 years’ time, most truck …

5 min November 27, 2017 in

Understanding the 5 Driverless Cars’ Levels of Autonomy

You may have seen a lot of new information about driverless cars in recent years. They will disrupt certain industries, they will change the world as we know it, and so forth. Almost all car manufacturers are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into self-driving technologies. But with all that information, one basic fact tends to …