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Apple Is Actually Working on a Self-Driving Car

Rumors about how Apple was thinking of hopping on the self-driving car trend and even building their own vehicle started sometimes back in February 2014. It’s 2017, and we now know for sure that Apple is actually working on technology to develop automated driving. Keep reading this article to find out more about Apple’s secret project. Where, How, What? …

5 min April 5, 2017 in

The Diary of a Connected Car with Intel In-Vehicle Solutions

Updated, April 2017/ On March 13, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich announced the $15 billion acquisition of Mobileye, a leader in the fast-growing market for assisted driving systems. This is the second-largest deal in Intel’s 49-year history: “We expect to be the global leader in autonomous driving,” Mr. Krzanich said. Mobileye was founded back in 1999. The …

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Pittsburgh’s Commuters Will Be the First to Use Uber’s Self-Driving Cars

Updated on April 2017/ Uber’s self-driving cars are currently facing legislative issues with getting registration for testing in San Francisco. Additionally, there is another event that threatened to harm the company’s long-term plans. On 24th March 2017, a self-driving Uber Volvo SUV crashed into a car on the streets of Tempe, Arizona. However, further investigation revealed …