4 min August 22, 2016 in

Could Self-Driving Cars Change the Design of Our Cities?

It’s a question I’ve heard many people ask regarding self-driving cars. With all the changes they promise to bring, it’s hard not to think that it will impact the way our cities look as well. After all, roads and driving signs will have to change to accommodate self-driving vehicles, so entire cities will probably soon …

5 min August 18, 2016 in

FBI and NHTSA Warn Drivers about the Security Risks of Connected Cars

Cyber security is one of the main concerns when it comes to connected cars. Despite all the progress, connected vehicles are still nowhere near being 100% secure. I think we all remember this experiment and how it made us feel. Official sources have released a new warning about possible threats. It highlights how attackers might seek to remotely exploit vulnerabilities from now …

4 min August 15, 2016 in

Ehang 184 – The First Passenger-Ready Drone

There were many interesting inventions at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show. One thing caught my attention in particular: Ehang 184, a passenger-ready drone. The main difference between the Ehang 184 and a helicopter is that the vehicle is autonomous. Thus, the passenger doesn’t need a pilot’s license. The uses of a passenger-ready drone The Ehang 184 …