4 min April 21, 2016 in

Baidu’s Research Puts Self-Driving Cars in the Spotlight

Self-driving cars have been the subject of many controversies, especially when it comes to the legal aspect, but, lately, the discussion has been rather silent. We’ve all seem to come to terms with the fact that self-driving vehicles will be a reality, and that the manufacturers will manage to find a way to ensure the …

5 min April 18, 2016 in

Zubie Can Turn Your Old Car into a Smart Car

For people who want to own a connected and smart car, there are two main options: buy one or turn your current car into one. For those interested in the second, less expensive option, there’s Zubie, a device that plugs into the OBD-II port and gives you access to WiFi and connected apps. What a smart …

5 min April 14, 2016 in

Volvo Takes On The European Platooning Challenge With Semi-Automated Trucks

Volvo Group have been partners of the European Platooning Challenge for some time and they  have shown interest in truck platooning technology in the past but on March 18, they announced that they will also be participating. Their three semi-automated trucks are leaving on March 31 from Gothenburg and going to the Netherlands. The European Platooning Challenge Organized by the Netherlands as current President …