4 min September 28, 2015 in

How Connected Cars Benefit Both You and Society

There has been quite a lot of debate in the recent months on the subject of whether connected cars would be something that would benefit people and society or not. There are many who oppose the idea of connected vehicles because they fear that technology will simply not be able to accommodate all their needs …

4 min September 7, 2015 in

Self-Driving Technology Safety Features Will Keep You Safe

When it comes to self-driving technology, people have voiced their opinions time and time again regarding the safety aspect. However, even though autonomous vehicle manufacturers have shown that driverlessĀ cars are quite safe, with more and more developments being planned in the near future, consumers are still pretty wary. It’s also important to note that this …

4 min September 3, 2015 in

Zubie, a Connected Car Company, Introduces an API for the Internet of Cars

Zubie is a company that sells a device which allows you to connect your car to your smartphone. The device is basically a key that you plug in under your car’s dashboard and it will keep it constantly connected to the cloud. This connected car company uses a wireless connection, GPS and sensors that will …