4 min July 23, 2015 in

How Mobile Networks Are Going To Be Affected By Connected Cars

Mobile networks are comparable to traffic jams. Have you ever been in a traffic jam? They aren’t fun. You stop and go, sometimes at a crawl, get easily bored and stress out wondering if it’s going to make you late. During rush hour times, it’s a given that roads will be congested and you may …

5 min July 20, 2015 in

How You Can Turn Your Car Into A Connected Car For $99

The unpleasant truth about the connected car is that, at least for a while, the price for such a car will be quite high. This means that not many people will be able to afford it, despite the¬†fact that most of them want one. For many, a smart car means more than a car that …

4 min July 16, 2015 in

FleetGo Makes Any Car a Connected Car

With the varied levels of the socioeconomic status across the globe, it naturally makes sense to find a way to cater to as many consumers as possible. While the connected car mainly caters to the affluent right now, FleetGo is making it possible for many people to afford one. FleetGo originates from the INmatix Technology …