4 min November 29, 2014 in

Audi’s RS 7 driverless autonomous vehicle participated in a grand prix

The future is now, people! So far, we’ve seen that each day there are more and more advances made in the self-driving cars world. Today, I’m going to talk about the latest, and the hottest news: Audi’s RS 7 driverless autonomous vehicle, which demonstrated on October 19, at Hockenheim, that it’s capable to lap a …

3 min November 27, 2014 in

Can hackers have access to your connected car?

How would it feel to be driving your pitch-perfect connected car and suddenly to be unable to maneuver it as you wish? You’re behind the wheel of your new Mercedes-Benz S-Class or taking your gorgeous red Tesla Model S for a spin, and the 17″ touchscreen doesn’t seem to be responding to your commands, the …

3 min November 21, 2014 in

This month in the Connected Cars World

So, what’s new in the Connected Cars World? What’s trending now? Stay tuned to see what’s hot and cool in the month of October 2014. Is a new model on the way or is some great automobile company having something in store? Let’s find out all the juicy stuff of this month. 2 million customers are …