6 min October 23, 2014 in

Disrupting the taxi industry: personal transportation startups

Personal transportation startups. Overview of the market Self-driving cars have been a trend for a while now. While Google has invested in this sector and has even showcased autonomous car test-drives, Nissan, MercedesBenz and General Motors follow suit. Together with self-driving cars and the connected car industry that is already disrupting the market for car …

7 min October 16, 2014 in

Car sharing: Overview of the market

What is car sharing? [ Photo credits: Dave Reld’s Flickr ] You know what they say: sharing is caring. In the last few years, many industries have embraced the idea of sharing, and the auto industry is one of them. Car sharing is an alternative to rental cars, car ownership, or even taxis. Owning a car is …

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Honda. Showcasing a new connected car at the World Congress in Detroit

The ITS World Congress took place between 7-11 September in Detroit. This event takes place every third year in North America. It’s the place where automakers are able to showcase their most intelligent and technologically advanced cars in the industry. Honda took advantage of this huge opportunity to present their new connected car, and the automated …