6 min August 25, 2014 in

How will the connected car change advertising

“Everything changes and nothing remains still”, said Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher. So here we are, at a point in our lives where we are pretty much overwhelmed by the constant changes. We find it harder and harder to keep up with them. One of those changes involve how the connected car will bring a new kind …

4 min August 19, 2014 in

A car designed for the urban jungle: the self-driving car

A new face in the city: the self-driving car 5 years ago a new type of connected car was conceived by Google in its secretive Google X division., a car that would change the way we see and think about communication. The self-driving car would connect vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to the road, and it would have …

3 min August 14, 2014 in

7 things you should know about Google’s self-driving cars

I am sure you’ve all probably dreamed by now about self-driving cars. Isn’t Google great? It’s like they just took a glimpse into the future and started doing something about it. Based on the latest products Google has launched, it seems like the future is in their hands. Let’s see how this works. 1. Google …